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Armstrong Dance Academy

Explore your passion for dance!

3440 Okanagan St., PO Box 143  

Armstrong, BC  V0E 1B0


Our Mission Statement: 

  • To provide students with excellent quality of instruction by building a secure and solid technical foundation, and exercising safe practice of dance
  • To offer classes that nurture artistic expression, self discipline and team work
  • To guide students in exploring their passion, and discovering their full potential.
  • To expose students to a variety of performing opportunities    
  • To provide opportunity to students to attend various performances by dance companies.    

Studio Guide:

Student Placement:  Armstrong Dance Academy's faculty make all class placement decisions. These placements are determined with the student’s best interest in mind. Placement will depend on ability and experience. During the first month some students may be moved to a more appropriate class. 

Attendance: All students are required to attend their classes on a regular basis. Frequent, repetitive class work is essential to muscle development and memory. If a student does not attend classes on a regular basis they will fall behind. It is also extremely important that students do not come late to classes.  Dance classes are designed to begin with a warm-up and then graduate to more difficult work, missing the warm-up could result in injury. When a student has to miss a class, please email or call the office 

Class Cancellation: Every effort is made to hold all classes at their regularly scheduled time. On the rare occasion when a class must be cancelled due to poor weather  classes will be made up at a later date. There are no regular classes held on statutory holidays. Classes that fall on holidays can be made up by taking a similar class and level in the term that it was missed. 

Communication: Monthly newsletters are emailed to parents.  If you do not wish to be on the mailing list, it is your responsibility to check at the front reception for current newsletters and any other important information.   

Concerns regarding an individual student should be raised with their teacher. Please make an appointment, as there is no time between classes for a teacher to discuss concerns in a private setting.

Competitive Introduction, Accelerated and Half Day Ballet Program:  Armstrong Dance Academy is pleased to provide additional opportunities for students such as classical ballet exams, dance festivals and competitions. Students enrolled in the competitive introduction, accelerated programs and half day ballet program may be entered into these events at the discretion of the teachers.  Entry fees are not included in tuition fees. Many students find the teamwork aspect of competition very rewarding. There are also opportunities to enter solo, duo, and trios (for accelerated and half day ballet program only). These all require a choreography cost and a very strong commitment from the student and the parent. All dancers that are entered in competitions and festivals must attend all group dress rehearsals.





Registration is for the full dance season of September to May.  Students are fully registered when all the payment requirements and costume fees have been completed. Only fully registered students may participate in classes.

Fees are based on 33 weeks of instruction and are to be paid in full by cash; cheque; Visa or MasterCard (Credit Card option only available for one complete payment in full) at the time of registration with your choice of the following payment option:

  1. One payment covering the full amount of fees for the year*,


  2. 2 equal payments of the yearly fee.  The first cheque dated September 1st,

         the 2nd cheque post-dated January 15th ,                            


    3. Post-dated cheques dated the first of each month from September 2017 to May 2018 (9 cheques in all)            

    4. Costume Fee must be submitted at the time of registration and are non-refundable




  •  Family Rate – 5% discount for each family member.

  • There will be a fee cap of $3000.00 on family rates. (Note:  there is no additional discount for payment in full)  

Refund Policy

  • There are no refunds  if a student withdraws after October 31st
  • Entry fees for ballet exams and festivals are non-refundable.
  • Costume fees must be submitted at the time of registration, and are non-refundable


Recital Policy

Students missing any lessons in the 4 week period before the recital, or miss rehearsals at the theatre will not be allowed to participate in the recital

 Administrative Fees

  • $20.00 Registration Fee/family
  • A convenience fee of 3% for credit card payments (FEE IS WAIVED UNTIL SEPTEMBER 9th)
  • $25.00 administrative fee for returned cheques.
  • 2% per month (compounded) will be charged on overdue accounts    


Children’s Arts Tax Credit


Classes for students under the age of 16 are eligible for the Children’s Arts Tax Credit.  Receipts will be sent to you through the Parent Portal – we will no longer be handing these receipts out to students.  Please remember administrative fees; costume fees; exam and festival fees are not eligible.


NOTE:  As per the Federal Budget for 2016 - CATC and CFTC will be reduced for 2016, and eliminated by 2017.


Please check with your accountant or the CCRA website for more information.

Access the parent portal here

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