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Armstrong Dance Academy

Explore your passion for dance!

3440 Okanagan St., PO Box 143  

Armstrong, BC  V0E 1B0


At Armstrong Dance Academy, there is a dance style for every taste. Whether you are a beginner or a professional dancer, we have the right class for you. Please  contact us to discuss your suitable class options. 


We offer ballet to ages 3 and up!

Ballet is the cornerstone of other dance styles and is therefore the base of our studio.  In pre-school classes, students learn basic skills promoting creativity, musicality, movements to develop and refine motor skills.  In all other classes students learn the progression of a ballet class from barre work to centre work - promoting balance, alignment, strength, flexibility, and musicality.

Ballet exams (CDTA, and Cecchetti) are offered to students who demonstrate strong focus and work ethics and who enjoy working towards an additional goal.



Jazz classes are a great compliment to ballet training! These classes include warm-up, stretching and across the floor work. Jazz classes are offered to ages 6 and up, with the choice of recreational and competitive programs.  (Students must also be enrolled in all scheduled ballet classes to enroll into the competitive Jazz program.) Classes are based on the CDTA Jazz syllabus.



A gentle, flowing form of Jazz technique incorporating elements of modern floor work. For ages 12 and up.  Must have a minimum of 2 years dance experience, or be enrolled in other dance forms such as jazz or ballet.



Advanced Modern classes will explore contractions, releases, fall, suspension, and other floor work. Advanced modern is offered as part of our competitive introduction program and as part of our half day ballet program.



Tap classes are a great way to explore and develop rhythm! Explore the use of precise rhythmical patterns of foot movement to create audible foot tapping.  Tap classes are offered to ages 6 and up!


Hip Hop

Old School, house, pop and lock, freestyle.  Explore the different styles and the energy!


Half Day Ballet Program

 Click here to download our Audition Application Form

Armstrong Dance Academy offers a Ballet Program which coordinates an intensive dance training schedule with academic schooling at Pleasant Valley Secondary School.  This program is for serious dance students who wish to pursue a career either teaching or performing classical forms of dance.


Acceptance into the program by audition only. Audition date is set for Saturday April 14th 2018 9:30am.

If you miss the audition date, please contact us to arrange an audition. There will be a fee of $25 for auditions after April 14th.


Classical training is the focus of the ballet program.  Ballet classes are Cecchetti based, and students will be entered into ballet examinations (entry into examinations at the discretion of the dance teacher).  Modern and jazz are also part of the program.  Successful completion of the program is dependent on consistent attendance; dance reports and reflections on dance performances; participating in master classes; and auditioning for other classical programs (e.g. National Ballet School, Royal Winnipeg Ballet School).

There will be opportunity for students to assist classes (on a volunteer basis). Opportunity to teach will be offered to students who show commitment, leadership, maturity and strong organizational skills.


Students will earn 8 course credits upon completion of the one-semester program.  Students are also eligible to earn IDS course credits for after-school dance program in other styles: hip-hop, tap, etc.  Students taking the ballet program may use credits towards P.E. requirements.


For Further Information Please Contact:

  • Heather Leask – Education Outreach Program - Phone: 250-832-0662
  • Susan Bensmiller – Ballet Program Director - Phone: 250-546-0308




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